Hi, I’m Scott Wallace. I am a lifelong advocate of the world of adventure and I have found it most challengingly expressed in the world of nature. Discovery is my passion, be it in the world of business enterprise, sailing, hiking, backpacking, kayaking, wisdom, writing, music, and now coaching.

I have the supreme joy of interacting in life as an alter ego and editor of the “Haunt”. I have the supreme joy of interacting through narrative, with the exploits of Rupert Walker and his scribe and constant hiking companion Dr. Jon Jonathan. You will, as you stick with me, be exposed to this amazing man who has skills of investigation that will intrigue you and expose you to a totally new way of viewing the natural world as well as your own personal world.


In my business world, I am an entrepreneur and have been all my life. I have been involved in 15 plus business start-ups as well as many business salvage projects over the years. This has been just one of the expressions of my fondness for discovery. In my fervor for outdoor adventures, I have had the blessing of searching many unique places from the east coast to the west coast of the USA to the west coast of Canada. My roots are, however, most strongly attached to the mountains and coastal waters of Washington State and the water highway to Alaska.

I have sailed, sea kayaked, hiked and backpacked for some 40 years in some of the most intriguing places to be found.

For example, in our kayaks, we have been confronted by massive whirlpools and entered ocean caves paddling through the ocean breakers. We have paddled out to sea to visit sea lion breeding grounds miles off the coast of Vancouver Island Canada as well as come alongside whales napping on the ocean surface. In one of our more adventurous trips, we entered a fiord facing the Pacific Ocean, which happens to be the place that the good ship Bounty (as in Mutiny on the Bounty) was rigged with new masts. It was close to midnight, a moonless night, and a windy rainstorm was encouraging us along in our kayaks. We had to blow whistles (good things to have in your backpack for emergencies) to keep in contact with each other. We could not see beyond 10 feet. Halfway down the length of the fiord with sheer rock cliffs on both sides the water lit up with what appeared to be flaming swords coming by the hundreds at our boats. Being properly excited with the turn of events, we found our campsite and got a good night’s sleep, but!

Please check out my blog post, “Hiking To Discover the Mystery of the Mountains”, for the fascinating cause of our glorious night paddle and the unique confirmation that we had brought the right tent. Much of my hiking experiences have been equally engaging and this is because my compatriots and I are looking for the adventure and come prepared for it.

My Content

For years I have studied the techniques of one of the most gifted investigators in narrative history. Over time I have incorporated his methodology into my hiking routine. The combination of the skills of discovery with the skills of backcountry hiking has opened the doors to intriguing opportunities for discovery. Hiking has turned from following a trial to a beautiful spot and enjoying the scenery along the way to an adventure of discovering what is going on in the habitat. You will start asking the key questions like who lives here, what are they doing, what I can forage, why is that critter making all that noise, etc.

My hikes have become a natural history lesson, a detective story, and a confirmation of my skills both mental and physical. There is nothing like having the confidence to get off-trail and know you are prepared for the adventure.

With time and practice, you will gain the skill and the confidence to follow the footprints in the forest and know how to capture the activity in the habitat on camera. You will gain the ability of presence but not manifest. This is what it is all about. And as you develop your skills you will find, as I have, that your confidence in many other areas of life will follow suit. There is no story that is as exciting to tell your story, your experience, and your encounters along the trails of adventure.

My mission is to help you to move from the noise and distraction of modern life into the beauty and engagement of the natural world.

I want to assist you in developing the skills to engage your natural curiosity within the context of hiking and backpacking and to gain the confidence through knowledge and practice to pursue the opportunities for adventures that can come with every hike and backpacking outing.