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Planning your Hike, the key to success.

Planning your hike is key to success! I am looking out of my cabin window at the mountains that make up my front yard. The snow is going, going, and almost gone. The green grass and wildflowers are replacing the white of winter. The temperature this week will hit the high sixties, maybe more. Wafting within the spring breeze is the hint of pine and wildflower mixed with avian songs as our feathered friends collect the fruits of spring all about us. It is time to prepare…the soul of the hiker is awakening!

Within the 11 Essentials Report (manual) , is a section entitled The Rest of The Story. It gives you the Basics of a Strategy for planning your hike.

So, beyond having the essentials for a safe and productive and adventurous hike, we need to consider the strategy of Who, What, When, Where, and How we will accomplish the hike. I encourage you to bone up on that section of the manual for, therein, lays the foundation of successful hiking.

In reading up on the statistics from S.A.R. (Search and Rescue) missions for 2015, it is apparent that many, if not most, hikers do not go out prepared for doing much more than following a trail and watching the ground and getting some exercise, in a beautiful though often crowded escape from a weary week. And yet, even in that circumstance, we find the beauty of the creation about us spellbinding at times. The SAR report I was reading stated that 57% of all the hikers they rescued last year did not carry a compass! The more startling part of the story is that 43% of those they rescued that did carry a compass didn’t know how to use it to get them out of their fix. One of our upcoming studies will be a course on terrain travel using map and compass.

The content I want to convey with this message is that there is so much more out there for those of us that want to really discover the adventure of hiking in the wonderful wilds of our hiking paradises if we are ready. And it doesn’t take a six-day hike, off-trail, to get there. But one essential that is key to the process of discovery and adventure hiking is to be prepared. What being prepared doesn’t mean is to bring everything you could possibly use to be cozy, clean, and safe. What it does mean is that preparation of mind and body will precede effectual discovery and preparation, via the right equipment and skills, will insure you have the confidence to become involved in the adventure. Thus, with spring training in sight, let’s start working on the mind and body part and then move to the equipment and skills section. In light of the main theme of today’s blog, (planning), I am encouraging you to go through the planning section of the 11 Essentials manual and lay out a model plan that you can plug into any hike in your bucket list for the season. The process is to build your personal hiking plan using the strategy worksheet provided: Who, What etc. We are each different and have different skills, needs, relationships and goals for our hikes. Start simple and expand on it as you move from training hikes to more gripping ones. The key here is to get convicted that you are going to purposely upgrade your skills, knowledge, and preparation so that you can and do enter into discovery and adventure as opportunity opens the door.

As Rupert would say: “The time is now, and there is no time like now to get ready. Who knows what tomorrow will bring and for sure I don’t want to miss it!” It is usually about this time, when he is philosophizing, that Pinecone will knock something off the shelf or??? If you haven’t met Rupert and Pinecone yet, you will soon. Rupert is the very essence of adventure hiking and a personality very much involved in what takes place in Hiking To Adventure.

I hope to meet you on the trails of adventure.

With hiking stick in hand,


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