Hiking to Discover the Mystery of the mountains

Hiking to discover the Mystery

Discovering the Secrets to the doors of Adventure

Have you ever hiked, backpacked, sea kayaked, or pursued similar recreational activities including prospecting, rock hounding, or mushroom hunting and wondered what am I missing, what are the secrets of this place, or how do I hike to discover the mystery?

I have hiked the Olympic and Cascade mountains of Washington State; I have sea-kayaked from south Puget Sound to the front door of Alaska including the discovery islands of Canada. I have fished in, and sailed these same environs. In the process we have floated in our kayaks alongside whales, hiked in lands where the floor matt was three feet thick, fished in lakes and ponds with incredible catches, hunted and haunted wonderful and enchanting places; entered caves with piles of bones inside, ate things that were strange, and laid on big flat warm rocks far north in the dark mesmerized by the greens and reds of the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) for hours.

At the end of each of our adventures the question keeps arising, what was it that really enticed us, what was the big Ah Ha of our trip? It always came down to the discoveries we made/found. The grave yards of some coastal Indians. The spectacular display as we paddled our kayaks up a channel, where the Bounty (as in Mutiny) was re-rigged, in rain stormed darkness and saw the water come alive with streams of fire as hundreds of fish appeared to be coming at our kayaks large and small as flaming swords due to the iridescent plankton that filled the pitch black waters. It was the discovery of an old mine, the hull of a sunken ship, the cave full of stalagmites and bats, the mountain lion tracks outside our tent. It was the gold flecks in the steam. It is our spectacular discoveries that filled our minds with both the vivid memories of the past and the expectations of our next time out.

So, how do we live an adventure every time we head out, hiking to discover the mysteries, and for me to find a way  even to pull from these mountains, seas, and plains resources to expand my opportunities to hike the great and wondrous places I haven’t yet escaped to.

This is not a call to the macho man or extreme hiker/backpacker It is an approach to our pursuit of the creation before us that is based on some planning, some observation/investigation and some getting off the beaten path at times. How often have you taken a trip and discovered that even just a little planning and research done before the trip was almost the best part of the trip? The next step is to combine your knowledge gained before hand with a process of investigation to turn your hike from walk in the woods to unlocking the secrets of your own discoveries.

The adventure you are about to enter into is a change of mind set in both how you approach your next hike or trek or walk in the woods and how you observe what you see, sense, feel, smell, hear and taste. You will move from casual observer to detective, from seeing what appears, to looking for what is hidden in the obvious. You will discover how to read the treasure map of the terrain and find the gold, the cave of hibernation, the rare mushroom, the feasts among the bounty of the fields and woods. Whatever your focus may be from that of a naturalist looking for a plant or bird, to a prospector looking for gold or gem stones, the approach to discovery, the principals of finding, the seeking of the adventure are the same or very similar.

In upcoming blog posts we will be delving into the “how to” of discovery hiking. However even more you will be exposed to keen training in the skills of Off-Trail Hiking.

In our next post I will be introducing you to Dr. Jonathan and Rupert Walker whose narratives and hiking adventures using the principles of discovery will wind your clock as they uncover the Mystery of The Mountains.

I look forward to seeing you on the trail, it is amazing what you will find.


Joy of hiking to discover the mystery

With Hiking Stick in Hand,


Scott Wallace

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